It’s a simple, yet diverse concept. The idea of being motivated. Having the want to go out and do something. Sometimes motivation can come in extreme forms where you need to do something – maybe for survival, maybe for release.

Why? Is the most common question of motivation. Why exactly are you doing something? To be the best? To make money? To escape? This question has always intrigued me in the context of online personalities. What exactly was their motivation? Looking at people like Destiny or even Philip DeFranco, what was their end goal?

When these personalities started into the dream of stardom, what did they expect? Surely, they didn’t expect to make an extravagant amount of money, live fulfilled lives, have more popularity and influence then they ever imagined. Perhaps, motivations and goals don’t ever need to align. What’s stopping you from starting what you need, regardless of your goal .

Start a journey based off the motivation, not the end goal.

Maybe your needs could be the reasons why you get all of your wants.


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